The Story of Micro Animations

The launch of Micro Animations is the story of an Architect turned UI designer turned Entrepreneur.

My name is Sanne de Vries, a 25-year-old UI & web designer living in the Netherlands. For over seven years I’ve studied and worked in architecture. Quite suddenly, I decided it was time to change my direction.

As an architect, my focus has always been on how people interact with an environment. In UI design, this focus stayed the same – it only went from physical to digital. One takeaway from Architecture School is that design is in the details. Seemingly small tweaks proved over and over to have a great impact on the way people interact with their environment. Or, as groundbreaking architect Charles Eames once pointed out:

“The details are not the details. They make the design”

I decided to explore my fascination for animation details in UI design. Experimenting with them, I found a way to produce little animations as gifs that can be used over and over again in different projects (and different UI tools).

Micro Animations was born when I realized that many might benefit from this library of animated gifs. Prototyping tools nowadays make it very easy for anyone to start prototyping: from entrepreneurs with no design experience, to large design agencies, to students – all trying to leave a lasting impression. Micro animations might just offer the details that make your design!

I hope they will be of great use for you too. If you have specific requests, please don’t hesitate and let me know. If you’ve used Micro Animations to create something awesome and get great results, I’d love to hear all about your success story.

Sanne de Vries
Web + UI Designer

I'm an independent Digital Designer from the Netherlands.

After studying and working as an architect, I decided to change direction
and am now pursuing my fascination for the digital environment.

Sanne de Vries
Web + UI Designer

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