The difference is in the details.


The idea.

For designers and entrepreneurs, there’s usually no time to spend hours on sleek micro-interactions. Yet, these little movements can make all the difference to a user that has to be convinced of your next big idea.

The Micro Animations library is designed to help. You can add flavor to your prototype by implementing them directly into your preferred platform. Any tool that supports gif – such as InVision, Marvel and – will do.

How does it work?

When purchasing the gifs, your download will be available immediately.

Then, simply unzip and upload them into your project. The easiest way to integrate an animation depends on the prototyping tool you’re using. For more detailed tutorials, have a look here (more will follow soon).

The gifs come with a transparent background. You’ll have two options when making a purchase – the light theme and the dark theme, depending on the look of your prototype. Both include a gif (saved to a white or black matte) and the relevant static png files. The Photoshop source file is also included – this way you’ll be able to save it with any matte. Read more about gif background restrictions here.

The story behind.

My name is Sanne, and I’m a Dutch UI & web designer with roots in architecture.

Designing buildings, my focus has always been on how people interact with an environment. When I decided to change and move into UI, the approach was still perfectly applicable – it only went from physical to digital.

One main takeaway from architecture is that design is in the details. Seemingly small tweaks proved over and over to have a great impact on the way people interact with their environment. Or, as Charles Eames once put it:

—The details are not the details. They make the design.

Micro Animations was born out of my own pain of (re)creating gifs or not being able to find the right one online. Hopefully, with this library of commonly seen/used animations, you don’t have to.

If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Also, if you’ve used Micro Animations to create something awesome, I’d love to hear all about your story.

Get in touch!

I’m always happy to receive comments, requests and questions.

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    Sanne de Vries

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